Isekai Quartet is the most ambitious anime crossover yet… kinda. And now, the staff has released not one, not two, but three new videos! The first video is a PV, while the second video is a normal TVCM. The final video talks about the anime’s Blu-ray and DVD release.

According to the third video, the home video release for Vol. 1 will be on 26th June 2019. They also confirmed a limited edition release for the Vol. 1 as well.

In the anime, a magic button appears to create a new isekai world which brings the four series together. Kinda makes you wonder how the characters will be interacting, huh? It will premiere in Japan on 9th April 2019.

Pure Pure Purea Desu Overlord shorts’ Minoru Ashina is directing the anime, with Studio Puyukai doing the animation production. Also, expect plenty of hilarity from this new anime too!