Mob Psycho 100’s second season may be ending soon, but that did not stop the anime’s seiyuu from having fun on Twitter. It all started with Setsuo Itou, the voice behind Mob, going to twitter to look for Dimple/Ekubo:

In the exchange, Itou called for Dimple, with Dimple’s seiyuu, Akio Otsuka, soon replying in character. It wasn’t long before Takanori Hoshino, who voices Serizawa, joined in on the fun.

Here’s their exchange in English:

Itou: ekubo!!!!

Otsuka: what’s up shigeo, you called?

Itou: oh, so you were safe! because you flew away all flattened out… Hoshino: *serizawa listening to their conversation in secret from behind a bush*

Of course, fans got wind of the exchange, and talked about it on Twitter soon after. And yeah, it looks like they really are having fun, huh?

source: @majiburger