It’s amazing what fans can do when they put their minds into something. Recently, a crowdfunding campaign launched on Campfire to restore the sword Ishikirimaru. It is a sacred blade, and it seems that the anime’s fans had a huge hand in crowdfunding its restoration.

The campaign launched back in 26th March with a goal of 10,000,000 yen. It raised half that amount in just two hours! It has now reached the 36 million yen mark since it launched. The rewards for helping fund the restoration include postcards, clear files, key chains, T-shirts, and even liquor, ema, happi, arrows, and a miko service! In addition, the Daimaru Umeda department store in Osaka is having an Ishikirimaru display to help promote the project!

Many in Japan consider Ishikirimaru as a sacred sword. Legends even say that it could cut stone! National treasure and swordsmith Kunihira Kawachi, who is also a member of the Ancient Sword Research Committee of the Kashihara Archaeological Institute, will be having the ardous task of restoring the sword.

source: Nijimen