It was just announced that singer Yoko Takahashi, famous for singing songs in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise will be releasing a mini album titled EVANGELION EXTREME, set to be out on May 22nd 2019. This album will consist of 5 songs, 3 of which are songs that have immeasurable popularity with the fans, with “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” included, and the theme song for this album titled “Red Moon”.

“Red Moon” was specifically written for this album by Ohmori Toshiyuki. He is also the same person who has wrote “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”, “Tamashii no Refrain” and many other songs for Ms. Takahashi herself.

He is also working with a world famous beatboxer for this song, BEATBOXER HIRONA. She is well knows as her title “Human Beatboxer” and she will be working on the chorus for the song to add an EDM flavor to it.

The CD EVANGELION EXTREME will be released overseas as well, with English and Romaji included in the booklet for easier reading.

Release Information:
Release Date: 22nd May 2019
Price: 2000 Yen plus tax

Title Track:
M1: Red Moon (New Song)
M2: Shibashi Sora ni Inori te
M3: Dousoku he no Monologue
M4: A Cruel Angel’s Thesis 2009 Version
M5: Red Moon off vocal ver.<CD>
M1:赤き月 ※新曲
M4:残酷な天使のテーゼ 2009VERSION(CR新世紀エヴァンゲリオン ~最後のシ者~ イメージソング)
M5:赤き月 off vocal ver.

Source: LisAni!