It looks like the live-action Cheer Danshi film will not just have one Haruki Bandou, but two! This is because in addition to Ryuusei Yokohama appearing in the film as Haruki, the Haruki from the anime, seiyuu Yuuki Yonai, will be in the film too!

Yonai will be appearing in a cameo during the film’s bathhouse scene, which is also in the anime, as well as the manga. In fact, he will be appearing together with Yokohama in that scene, so its possible we’ll be seeing both Harukis interacting.

The film is based on Ryou Asai’s male cheer leading manga, Cheer Danshi!!. It follows a university’s cheer leading squad, and is based on the real-life men’s cheer leading team “Shockers”. Hiroki Kazama is directing the film, which premieres in Japan on 10th May 2019.

source: Comic Natalie