One of the many things announced for the Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary were concerts to celebrate the occasion. And one of these such concerts was announced today: Mobile Suit Gundam Cinema Concert!

And a first for the series, they are going to do a live orchestra to accompany a screening of the movie, aptly titled a Cinema Concert. The conductor for this will be Takayuki Hattori, famous for doing various films and TV dramas, with Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN one of them. The orchestra in charge is none other than the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra!

A Cinema Concert is when the voiced lines and sound effects are the same as the movie but the music played in the film is replaced by the full orchestra performing live, giving it a new dimension entirely. Some of your most memorable scenes will have a new perspective through this.

Tickets go on sale from 29th April to 19th May at the Gundam Fanclub.

Source: Gundam Cinema Concert