It was announced on Corocoro Comics’ web page that they are doing a contest for the latest incarnation of the Pokemon franchise, titled Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, coming to the Nintendo Switch.

And to celebrate the upcoming release, they have announced a contest to name an upcoming new Steel type move that’s said to be one of the strongest in the series.

Here are an explanation of this new move:
Type: Steel
Special Attack
Damage: 140
Effect: Deals heavy damage but you lose half your HP

According to the website, it can be any name in Katakana, Hiragana, English or Kanji but it has to be within 8 letters. The contest begins from April 15 and lasts until May 10th. The person who’s name get selected wins a copy of a Nintendo Switch AND copies of both Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Do note, if you want to vote, you’ll need a letter which you can get only if you purchase Corocoro Comics.

Source: Corocoro Comics