Broccoli has now revealed new details on Sui Ishida’s upcoming project, Jack Jeanne. And no folks, it won’t be a manga like Tokyo Ghoul, but will be a video game for the Nintendo Switch. It will combine the elements of a rhythm game with the elements of a visual novel.

Jack Jeanne will be set in an all-boys drama school where there are those who can play only male roles (Jacks) and there are those who can only play female roles (Jeannes). It follows a young actress named Kisa Tachibana, who despite being female and having quit theater got an invite to the prestigious Univers Drama School. Now, she must keep her identity a secret while also gunning for the main character role for the school play.

When he teased the project back in January, he released an illustration of a character named Mitsuki Shirota, a girlish boy. In other words, the character he drew is a trap, and it seems that he’s the one wearing the blue dress in the key visual above…

Ishida is credited for the artwork, character design, original concept, world design, and in-game illustrations. Heck, he even wrote the lyrics for the game’s yet-to-be-titled theme song as well! Broccoli is developing the game in collaboration with Happinet, while Tokyo Ghoul novel author Shin Towada is writing the scripts alongside Ishida himself.

Broccoli will release the game for the Switch in 2020. Meanwhile, Happinet is planning to release Jack Jeanne into other media, such as anime and merchandise.