Aimer released two albums on 10th April, Sun Dance and Penny Rain. The second interview focuses on the album with the theme of Rain, Penny Rain. This is the second of four parts in this interview.

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 It’s rain, but by no means is it a chilly rain.

From that we move to Black Bird, Sailing and then Mabayui Bakari, a song made by Cocco. It’s also a very intense trio of songs. You can feel how complete the singles are when leading up to the album again.

Thank you very much. Until Sailing, it’s mostly a shower of intense songs like the rain. And when it reaches Mabayui Bakari it slowly increases.

And for the 6th song which is a new song, Stand By You. TK (Ling tosite Sigure) wrote the lyrics, composed and arranged the song which is a strings feature with an up-tempo rock number.

Yes. I first met TK in person when making the daydream album, and he’s one of my few close associates that I worked together to bring this album to life.

Very few? It seems like you have many.

No no no. In those many, TK is one of the few which I became very good friends with that I’ve even visited his studio before. And back then, he asked me “can you sing this song” and it was Stand By You which we even did some pre-production on. He asked me to “take care of the song, as it is a good one.” We couldn’t find the right to release it but with the “Rain” album I felt it was the perfect time to release it.

Sun Dance also have rock songs included in it but the feeling is entirely different.

I feel that TK’s song image is kind of dark, yet very ephemeral, very fitting of the Rain. Also I even asked TK to add one line of lyrics which goes “But even so, the light that touches the rain is sometimes reflected as rainbow – which illuminates me.”

Basically asking him to add “Rain” inside?

Yes (laughs). Also TK is very kind and he re-wrote that line on the same day of recording.

Even with the re-written part, how did you interpreted TK’s lyrics?

In the past, TK wrote us and Kowairo but to differ, I feel that you can see some love in this. Just by judging from the title Stand By You, it means to have someone there, and showing your feeling to that someone you’re facing. It’s rain, but by no means is it a chilly rain.

Even for the sound, it feels like there’s a stinging pain of nervousness yet the chorus is really catchy.

That’s right. Therefore for my singing, I felt that maybe I could have sang it more intensely. Talking to TK he said “you can control a little and sing it mildly too.” We tried to find the most ideal temperature for this song while creating it.

Unlike in us where you had to sing while breaking your limits.

We managed to break it for us. Unlike that, this feels like it has more kindness spread all around. Stand By You was added in the Rain album but, near the end it feels like the rain is coming to a stop.

And that image follows with the next song Ref:rain. You even described that song as a “sound that looks like a clear sky after a rainy day”.

Yes. As I originally mentioned about Ref:rain, it is the basis of the Rain album, so in a sense, you could say it was a song of fate.

Source: Natalie