So an interesting news making rounds in Singapore right just got my attention just because it hits home so hard. An Instagram user Terenex posted this interesting series of photos in her Instagram stories.

What happened is that she was visiting Parklane Mall sometime around the day when she witness this series of events. She saw this young boy asking for cardboard boxes from nearby shops for some reason. And why would he want to do that? So this is exactly what he looks like after getting said boxes:

So Terenex was actually going to buy lunch with her colleagues around the mall when she noticed the boy in his school uniform wearing the boxes like this. And yes, the text around his butt does say Yeast Bread. Perhaps he could be practicing his new cosplay?

Anyways Terenex was wondering what was going on and realised that he really wanted to go the nearby LAN shop to play some games. Considering that you cannot go in wearing your uniform in SG, someone was desperate enough to go the distance just to play some games. He even made holes for his arms on the sides!

Unfortunately, she had to go grab her lunch so she couldn’t see what happened next. However when they made their way back from lunch, they were greeted with this sight. Lo and behold, he actually made it in! And he even got a third box and removed his shoes after all that’s said and done.

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box by….going inside the box.