In Japan, Gashapons, those capsule toys which you get at random from a machine, are very popular. And it seems that they’re so popular That Bandai and Stasto are releasing one to the public. But how are they gonna release it? Well, they put a gashapon machine inside a gashapon machine.

The Gashapon machine comes in three variants. One that takes in 100 yen coins, another one for 50 yen coins, and finally, one for 10 yen coins. Each one comes with two empty gashapon capsules. What you put in those capsules is completely up to you. Each one also comes with a key in order for the owner to get his/her earnings.

Each one comes in a gashapon capsule and requires assembly. Getting one costs 300 yen, which is quite standard as far as Gashapon are concerned.

source: Sora News 24