It was just announced this morning that Geodude will now be the mascot for Iwate Prefecture going forward. With this collaboration, Pokemon will be lending Geodude to help boost tourism and general overall activities in the region. You can see here that Geodude will be around the Iwate prefecture helping to promote it. Take some pictures if you are in the area!

For some of you who wonder “why Geodude”?? Let me help you with that. So Iwate comes from the Japanese word 岩手, which means rock hand. There are legends from the prefecture talking about how a demon would not trouble the land and made a hand print signature in the rocks. Geodude, on the other hand, it’s Japanese name is イシツブテ. With both names sounding somewhat similar, and with Geodude basically being a rock Pokemon with hands, this collaboration came to be.

You can see Geodude in a variety of different situations above.
Lastly, a group SatoMansion has collaborated to make a music video with Geodude with a….Rock flavor to it. Definitely check it out as well!

Would you like to see a collaboration Pokemon in your region too? Sound it out!