The passing of Lupin III and manga legend, Monkey Punch, left many fans saddened. However, before he passed, it seems that he actually did a bit of work. This included “producing” a special artwork for the DC Comics film, Shazam!

The mangaka was a huge fan of American comics, and in particular, DC. He admited that the comics behind Shazam, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman was a huge influence to his work. He also said that he planned to release images of Batman, Supergirl, and Aquaman. However, with his passing, we would never know whether he finished them or not.

The manga great was born in Hamanaka, Hokkaido, and has resided in Sakura, Chiba until his passing on 11 April 2019. He started drawing 4-koma manga and doujinshi, before making his professional debut in 1965 with his debut title, “Playboy School” under the pen name Eiji Gamuta. He would later change his pen name to Monkey Punch following a suggestion by his editor. He honestly did not like that pen name at first, but grew liking it as the years went on. And it was under this pen name that he would create his greatest manga, Lupin III.

He passed away due to pneumonia last 11th April at the age of 81.However, he also passed away regarded by many fans as one of the greatest mangaka of all time. The entire So Japan Team has been saddened by his passing. We extend our condolences to his friends and family, and may he Rest in Peace

Source: Comic Natalie