During a press conference that took place in Tokyo today, the Pokemon Company announced their strategies for 2019 going forward.

Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president and CEO of the Pokemon Company announced that they had a number of “business announcements” and discussed about the direction Pokemon is taking going forward.

First of all Detective Pikachu was announced to be coming to Nintendo Switch at a later date. It will follow the original Nintendo 3DS version albeit with a different ending. Look out for their official Twitter for more information.

Shibuya PARCO will be getting a Pokemon Center later this Fall. There will also be a Mewtwo statue on display at the entrance of said Center. It is said to combine Pokemon with the latest technologies, hence using Mewtwo as its mascot character. This follows with Singapore recently opening as a Pokemon Center earlier this year.

One of the newest announcements is of Pokemon Home. Essentially it is similar to Pokemon Bank on the Nintendo 3DS, but souped up to work with your smartphone via cloud computing. It links your smartphone to your Nintendo Switch too. It is said to let trainer share Pokemon across these platforms too!

The second new announcement was Pokemon Sleep. This Pokemon game works while you are sleeping-or more precise after you wake up. It utilities your time sleeping and waking up to become a game. It’s basically creating an entirely new way to experience Pokemon. Also, to celebrate the announcement of Pokemon Sleep, the game is filled with plenty of Snorlax to keep you awake while your look for em!

At the same time, the Pokemon Go Plus Plus was announced too! You’ll see that it’s shaped differently and has new features like checking your sleeping patterns so it works perfectly with Pokemon Sleep.

The Pokemon Company also revealed an entirely new mobile game titled Pokemon Masters! It is a product of a partnership between them an mobile game publisher DeNA.

This game will let players battle alongside famous trainers in the series like Misty, Cynthia, Lance and Diantha.

The gameplay trailer showed a triple battle happening between trainers, with the player partnering up with Brock and Misty. Notably, it looks like the player’s Pikachu knows two moves with two empty slots to learn more, making this a pretty close-to-original Pokemon mobile game. Between matches, it seems like players will be able to interact with their favorite characters as well.

Regardless if you want to check out the press conference itself, you can check it out here:

Any outstanding favorites? I like Pokemon Sleep alot! I don’t need to do anything and I can train my Pokemon up. I’m excited for all the announcements in general so I’m hoping that they can be released sooner or later!