Beaches are getting more and more dirty lately, as ocean waste (umigomi) keeps on piling up.And this hasn’t just affected wildlife, but believe it or not, cosplay as well. This is because cosplayers tend to also do shoots at the beach, and trash has kept on piling up over there. And now, the Nippon Foundation, a Tokyo-based non-profit organisation, together with the World Cosplay Summit and Cosplay Umigomi Zero Executive Committee conducted a clean-up event called  “Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Great Mission!” 

Around 430 cosplayers gathered near Tokyo Tower for the clean-up event. And after a program, they then dispersed throughout the area and join the clean-up. All of this is to raise awareness about Umigomi.

And those who volunteered didn’t leave empty handed too! They received special benefits for certain cosplay events. Now that is how you do a clean-up drive in style, am I right?!

Source: The Japan Times official YouTube channel