Ed Sheeran previously teamed up with award-winning mangaka, Yoriko Hoshi, who is behind the critically acclaimed series, Aisawa Riku. And now, Hoshi is back with more Ed Sheeran stuff, this time with special stickers which feature artwork from his Supermarket Flowers music video.

The stickers will serve as a bonus that will come with Ed Sheeran’s new CD album, No. 6. It will feature the British singer, as well as his cats Calippo and Dorito. It also features one of Hoshi’s own manga characters, Nekomura-san from her manga Kyou no Nekomura-san.

The mangaka went all out for the music video, working on the project for 10 months. In that time span, Hoshi even visited several places, including London, Ireland, and other locations for inspiration.

The mangaka won one of the most prestigious prizes in the industry, the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize’s Grand Prize, thanks to Aisawa Riku, The manga follows a 14-year old girl who can cry on command, and can turn on fake tears “like a faucet”.

source: Comic Natalie