The Naruto musicals are back with Live Spectacle NARUTO ~Song of the Akatsuki~. Now, one of the most important part of the story is Hebi, which is Sasuke‘s group of rogue shinobi. And now, the staff is teasing the group, together with Kabuto and Orochimaru!

They also revealed new character visuals, as well as some greeting videos from the villainous cast:

Hiro Yumi as Orochimaru

Ryosuke Okada as Kabuto

Keishi Hagio as Suegetsu

Tomoya Yamaguchi as Jugo

Kanon Nanaki as Karin

This is a brand new performance for the second part of the Live Spectacle Naruto musicals. It will kick off in Osaka on 25th October before heading back to Tokyo between 8th November until 1st December. Ticket sales will open on 1st September.

The second play previously dropped by Singapore, as did the first play. The first play visited the country in 2015, while the second one dropped by in 2017.

Source: Comic Natalie