In August, an official Sailor Moon-themed restaurant will be opening in Azabu-Juuban, Tokyo. And it seems that it won’t just feature meals for diners, but live-action shows as well! What’s more is that Akiko Kodama, who worked on the Sailor Moon The Super Live stage play is also writing the scripts.

The restaurant itself will be offering reservations for both lunch and dinner services. However, if you want to catch a show, it will only be available during the dinner service. Reservations will be available from 15th August until 31st October.

And did we mention that these shows will be running daily? In fact, they even cast multiple actors in the main roles. As for the food, the restaurant will offer different menus for lunch and dinner. Each one will also have a Sailor Moon theme, or inspired by a certain Sailor Senshi.

source: Comic Natalie