CAROLE & TUESDAY is an anime about two girls striving to become musicians. The music in this anime is provided by famous composers from across the world, and every episode features a unique insert song. The CAROLE & TUESDAY LIVE: The Loneliest Girl concert was held at Harajuku Quest Hall in Tokyo on August 11 and So Japan was invited to check out the evening session.

The concert begins with an opening video very similar to the one used in the actual TV series voiced over by Gus (CV: Akio Ohtsuka). The singers for Carole & Tuesday, Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann takes the stage along with the backing musicians on guitar and keyboard. Celeina plays her acoustic guitar and they begin their very first song, “Kiss Me” which is the opening theme song from the first cour of the anime. Scenes of the anime are played in the background while they perform.

Celeina greets the audience in both Japanese and English, with both Nai Br.XX and Celeina introducing themselves shortly after. They did mention that they’re streaming on YouTube as well and said hello to everyone watching on YouTube and maybe Mars as well. They began their next song, “Round & Laundry”, which was from the laundromat scene from episode 3 of the anime. This song has a catchy beat you’d want to clap to, which the audience naturally claps to.

After taking a sip of water, Celeina mentioned that the live performance was modelled after their first live from episode 5 where Carole & Tuesday first performed in front of only 10 people. So that night was very special. They performed their third song, “Someday I’ll Find My Way Home” and changing the mood of the concert with their fourth song, “Whispering My Love”. In the anime, it was performed by Carole & Tuesday during the Mars’ Brightest contest in the qualifiers.

Their fifth song, as introduced by Nai is “Lost My Way”. In the anime, Tuesday’s arm was injured and they were unable to perform with the guitar. And to stay true to the anime they performed the song without the guitar or the backing guitar, with only the piano as the backing instrument.

It was at this point that Nai and Celeina left the stage with Angela’s singing voice Alisa taking over on the stage. Scenes of the anime with Angela roll on-screen as Alisa makes her way on to the stage performing “Move Mountains”, the first song Angela performs in Mars’ Brightest. I was surprised when I heard this in the anime the first time, but I was once again blown away hearing this live.

During her MC section, Alisa mentions that the afternoon session was her first time doing a Japanese MC so naturally, she was nervous, but she steeled herself to be better in the evening. She follows up with “All I Want”, which shows off Angela’s more confident side with the more powerful lyrics and stronger beat much to the fans’ applause.

The third song was “Breathe Again”, her debut song in the anime. The bass-heavy instrumental once again shows the huge difference of styles compared to Carole & Tuesday. For her fourth song, she sang “Light A Fire”, which was the song Angela sang that she sang in the finals of Mars’ Brightest.

She mentions that she’s still amazed that she’s singing such wonderful songs as these on the stage she’s standing on right now. For her last song, it is the second ending theme song for the anime, “Not Afraid”. It feels a little dark, yet sweet at the same time, but a very Angela song nonetheless.

Unlike Carole & Tuesday’s self-produced music, Angela’s songs are more digital all around, as they are produced by Tao (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya), the genius producer that uses AI technology in the setting of the anime. The clashing styles gives a very refreshing vibe for the overall concert.

At this point, Nai and Celeina return to the stage, and chats with Alisa for a little bit, talking about her wonderful hair extensions. They mentioned that people are also watching the concert from the currently going on Carole & Tuesday café. They begin their second half with the opening theme of the second cour of the anime, “Polly Jean”. The song has various melodies mixed into it filling up the event hall as if Carole & Tuesday were unsure as if where to take their next step.

Their next song was “Army of Two”, and “Day By Day”, two songs from the second cour that have not been released on CDs. “Army of Two” is Carole & Tuesday’s debut song in the anime, a very strong number with a very inspiring melody. Celeina mentions after the song that the guitar she’s playing for the occasion was a Gibson Hummingbird, just like what Tuesday uses, whereas the pianist was using the same Nord piano as Carole. Nai was also wearing Timberland shoes that Timberland themselves gifted to Nai as Carole loved wearing them in the anime.

Their next song was “Give You The World” originally sung by the fallen star Flora which Carole & Tuesday covered. It was a very lucky opportunity to hear these songs full for the very first time as well.

Shortly after was the song that both Celeina and Nai first recorded together, “The Loneliest Girl”. As the anime progressed they understood why the director decided that they had to record that song first. I personally really loved hearing it the first time and it was just astonishing to finally hear this wonderful song live. It’s a very moving number with its melancholic lyrics and slow melody.

It was at this point that they announced CAROLE & TUESDAY 2nd LIVE: Army of Two. Their second live will be taking place in a much bigger venue with more songs from the second cour of the anime.

They ended off the night with the first ending theme song “Hold Me Now” a very happy upbeat song. Nai thanks the fans and Celeina mentions that fans will leave the concert with a smile with such a wonderful song to end the night off with.

Alisa returns to the stage after the song has ended and, along with the backing musicians, everyone thanked the audience with a bow signalling the end of the concert.

The second CAROLE & TUESDAY live will be held at the Stellar Ball live house (Shinagawa Prince Hotel) on October 6 (Sun). In accordance with the storyline of the second cour, this live performance will feature a full band. Tickets can currently be obtained via the first official pre-sale lottery, which will last until August 18th.


Title: CAROLE & TUESDAY 2nd LIVE: Army of Two
Venue: Stellar Ball, Tokyo Prince Hotel

Performers: Carole & Tuesday (Vo. Nai Br.XX & Celeina Ann), Angela (Vo. Alisa)
Date: October 6, 2019 (Sun)
Doors open/show starts: 17:00/18:00
Ticket prices: ¥6,800 (including tax, all standing, separate drink charge)