As bad as the Kyoto Animation fire was, killing 35 people and burning millions worth of damage, it did not destroy everything. In fact, some KyoAni artworks survived as they were found in a separate room far from where the arsonist lit up the building. And now, a book store in Shimane Prefecture is exhibiting these “survivors”.

The Imai Shoten Group Center book store in the Tawayamacho district of Matsue city in Shimane prefecture is currently displaying 70 pieces of Kyoto Animation artworks, all of which survived that horrific arson attack. The exhibition is free, though there is a donation box there for the kind-hearted people who wish to donate to the survivors. People can find it in the book store’s STUDIO WONDER section, which also displays five original art pieces from the studio’s directors. These art pieces are also autographed by them as well.

Believe it or not, they actually planned this exhibition before the fire happened. And much like Violet Evergarden Gaiden’s world premiere in Germany, it was the studio’s wish for the “show to go on”. In fact, the studio sent the artworks right after the recovery efforts were done. STUDIO WONDER manager Eriko Suzuki told The Asahi Shimbun that it really surprised her that the artworks even arrived given the amount of damage the studio received.

The exhibition itself is now ongoing, though it will only be there until 31st August.

source: LIVEDOOR News