NHK BS Premium has announced that they will be airing a new documentary, and it will be all about Lupin III. It will be titled Lupin Sanze ga Umareta: Inochi o Fukikonda Otokotachi (And So, Lupin the 3rd Was Born: The Men Who Breathed Life Into Him), and it will take a look at the anime which adapts Monkey Punch’s bestselling manga.

The documentary itself will be compiling interviews with staff and cast through the years. It will also include a few very special guests, including the manga’s former editor, Chiko Motomi, producer Yu Kiyozono (Fujiko Mine’s Lie), and Baron Yashimoto. It will also feature Masaaki Osumi, the TV anime’s director. Other guests will also include Lupin’s seiyuu, Kanichi Kurita, as well as legendary character designer Takeshi Koike and scriptwriter Hiroshi Kashiwabara.

Lupin Sanze ga Umareta: Inochi o Fukikonda Otokotachi will premiere on 20 August 2019 as part of NHK’s Another Stories: Unmei no Bunkiten (Another Stories: Crossroads of Fate) program.