Movic has announced that they’re releasing new merchandise on the popular Gundam 00 series, and it features super-deformed versions of the characters. However, it’s not new GunPla or apparel or clear files, but tarot cards!

The set will include all 22 major arcana cards to help you decipher what might happen in the future. The cards include some very fitting examples such as Setsuna F. Seiei as “The Fool,” Lockon Stratos as “The Hanged Man,” Tieria Erde as “The World,” Louise and Saji as “The Lovers,” Graham Aker as “The Chariot,” and Allelujah Haptism as “Wheel of Fortune.”

The cards will also come with a book to help you understand and read the cards even more.

The deck itself will cost 2,300 yen and are now available via from the MOVIC and ebten mail-order sites until 29th September.