Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves, because several anime films are coming not just to Singapore, but also other countries in Southeast Asia!

First up is Encore films, which announced that they will be showing the film Her Blue Sky in Singapore! Her Blue Sky is from the same team behind AnoHana, so expect some feels from this one. It will open on 5th December in the country.


Follow Aoi and her elder sister, Akane and as they journey back to their hometown after 13 years and meets Akane’s ex-boyfriend Shinnosuke again.

Meanwhile, Clover Films is distributing the anime film, Hello World in Singapore as well. It hits cinemas on 24th October.


Set in the year 2027, Naomi encounters a person who claims to be him from 10 years in the future. Together they must change the future in order to save a fellow classmate.

And then there’s Purple Plan, which is releasing Kamen Rider Zi-O Over Quartzer in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia! The film first hits Malaysian In Cinemas 19 October, Indonesian In Cinemas 30 October, and finally Singaporean In Cinemas 24 November.

And finally, Purple Plan is also teasing that the Violet Evergarden film is coming to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Indonesia. However, they did not state if this is the Side Story film, or the delayed Violet Evergarden The Movie film.

No word on when the film will hit cinemas here in Southeast Asia.

So, which film are you guys most excited to see?

sources: Purple Plan, Encore Films, and Clover Films