Japan’s biggest boyband ARASHI has successfully concluded “JET STORM”, a whirlwind Asia press tour this 10th and 11th November 2019. Departing from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on 9th November, they touched down in Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, and Taipei — logging a total of 12,982 kilometres in mileage and 39 hours in flight time.

Over 1,700 fans were in attendance in Jakarta, 1,000 in Singapore, 2,000 in Bangkok, and 1,500 in Taipei. With each arrival, ARASHI was met with screaming, singing, and chants by their passionate Asian fans. They waved support fans and tour towels in the air, giving the press tour a festive feel.

ARASHI practised hard in order to express their appreciation to the fans in their local languages (Bahasa Indonesia, English, Thai, and Chinese), which were wildly cheered by fans. Meanwhile, the fans responded in their best Japanese, saying “Thank you very much”.

The ARASHI members were delighted with the response to the press tour and said, “We have received comments from the fans such as “it felt like we were on tour together with the members” or comments that were thanking us, and it made us feel very happy”.

The five members also shared their thoughts regarding the press tour individually

Satoshi Ohno    

We’ve never had the opportunity to visit before, but I’m delighted that this time I was able to meet everyone in this way! Let’s do a lot of fun stuff through social media! Thank you very much, everyone!

Sho Sakurai  

In every city we visited, we received messages saying, “Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of ARASHI,” and “Thanks for coming”!

Some people had goods from previous Asian tours. Other people had goods from the tour we are currently doing.

Since we have been active mainly within Japan, I was so unbelievably happy that we have been receiving so much support from overseas.

By starting to use social media, I think overseas fans will feel closer to us more than ever.

Although in distance we are far apart, we would like to provide various contents so that fans can feel that we are connected even across the sea. 

So please do follow us. Thank you to all the ARASHI fans!

Masaki Aiba  

I felt moved that so many people are supporting us. It would make me so happy if we can continue to have fun via social media and by meeting face-to-face! We are counting on your support. Thank you very much, always!

Kazunari Ninomiya  

Thank you so much to all the fans from the four cities that we have visited this time! From now on, you can connect to us via social media, and it would make me so happy if you all feel closer to us. 

We will continue to do our best so that everyone can have fun!

Jun Matsumoto  

We are so happy that so many fans came to welcome us. Thank you very much, everyone! Thanks to you, we were able to reach our 20th year. Starting now, I think we can be closer to everyone through social media and digital releases! We look forward to your continued support!

The press tour highlighted previous announcements made on 3rd November about the opening of five official social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Weibo) and the worldwide digital release of their new single “Turning Up”, as well as updates on their upcoming concerts. The band took the opportunity to personally thank their fans in Asia for their support since their debut in 1999.