Earlier this year, Macross Frontier idol, Ranka Lee, got herself a life-size statue from Kadokawa’s KDcolle line. They even showed it off during C3 AFA Tokyo 2019! And now, it looks like Sheryl Nome is getting one as well!

Yes folks, Sheryl is actually quite tall, and much taller than Ranka in fact. Her statue measures in at 172cm tall, and features her in her costume when she performed “Lion”. In contrast, Ranka’s life-size statue measured in at 154cm in height. And much like Ranka, Sheryl also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker in her back, so you can have her sing or recite her most memorable lines from the anime.

And Kadokawa is now accepting pre-orders for those interested in buying the life-size statue. They’re accepting reservations only until 1st December, so if you want one, better hurry up. But do be sure to dish out 2,400,000 yen. Cheap, huh?

Source: Kadokawa