Have you been to the massive Manga de Japan booth at C3AFA Singapore 2019? Brought to you by Manga Designers Lab, the booth was an interesting mix of manga, design, travel, education, and so much more!

One of the biggest announcements from our friends at MDJ is the release of free chapters of “DRAGON ZAKURA 2” in English! “DRAGON ZAKURA 2” tells the story of down-on-his-luck lawyer Kenji Sakuragi, who makes it his goal in life to help juvenile delinquents so they pass the rigorous Tokyo University Entrance Exams.

True to the spirit of the manga series — where Sakurai uses a combination of tough love and unusual teaching methods to get his point across — the English version of “DRAGON ZAKURA 2” can be used by Japanese students looking to improve their English, as well as English speakers to learn to read and enjoy manga like a native.

So get into “DRAGON ZAKURA 2” and many other manga offerings at https://mangadejapan.com/!

About Manga de Japan

Manga de Japan is a content site for communicating Japanese culture, “J-Culture”, through manga design.

There are many different types of cultures in Japan that were established and inherited long ago in regions throughout the country such as traditional culture, art, food, fashion, technology, buildings, tourist spots, events, manga, and anime. And now brand-new cultures are on the cusp of being born.

Our mission, to the extent possible,is bringing the wonder and fun of Japan to the masses overseas through illustrations and narrative called “manga design” that conveys J-Culture from a unique point of view.