Tasuku Hatanaka and Sayaka Senbongi have worked together for Wit Studio’s Kabaneri in the Iron Fortress as main characters Ikoma and Mumei. They also appeared together in Attack on Titan as Flegel Reeves and Nifa. However, as it turned out, the two are actually dating each other.

And now, their respective agencies,  I’m Enterprise (Hatanaka) and Ken Production (Senbongi), have announced that they have tied the knot officially.

In their own statements, the two seiyuu would thank their fans for their support. They also promised to continue working hard like normal as they enter married life.

Aside from their respective roles in Kabaneri and Attack on Titan, the two also are known for voicing other characters. For Hatanaka, he voiced Yuma Tsukumo in Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal and Ushio in Ushio and Tora. Meanwhile, his new bride currently voices Haru in BEASTARS, as well as Chitose Karasuma in Girlish Number.

We wish them all the best of luck for their new life together.

source: Yaraon!