Japanese commercials are known to be weird. And in a new ad campaign, Toyota likens the act of choosing a new car to an otome game. In fact, they even re-imagined three high-profile seiyuu as cars themselves in a new CM:

In the video, the female protagonist of an otome game was looking for a car. There, she meets three cars, who are all brothers and is wanting to be her new car.

Tomokazu Sugita voices the white Toyota Corolla, while Takahiro Sakurai voices the black Toyota Corolla Touring. Finally, Jun Fukuyama voices the red Toyota Corolla Sport.

This is but the latest in a series of ads from Toyota called CV-bu. Previously, Ayana Taketatsu voiced a Toyota Camry:

CV-Bu doesn’t just features Toyota cars though, but other everyday items. You can check out their other videos via YouTube and Twitter.