Remember that old Cartoon Network anime back in the 90’s, Sneezing Magician? It’s Japanese title is Hakushon Daimaou, and it’s making a comeback this year! Tatsunoko Production announced that the classic 1969 series is getting a new TV anime. It will premiere in spring 2020 via YTV.

This new anime celebrates the series’ 50th anniversary, which will be happening this October. The series originally ran from 1969-1970, before getting released in other countries. Cartoon network released the anime here in Southeast Asia back in the 90’s as The Sneezing Magician.

The series follows a family of genies who get summoned after a person does a specific action. For example, a sneeze can summon Hakushon (Hachoo in the Cartoon network version) or a yawn can summon his daughter, Akubi-chan (Yawn in the Cartoon network version).

source: YTV