The COVID-19 Corona Virus has now grown to threaten Japan’s entertainment industry. Several big events have now outright cancelled, and this includes the awarding ceremony for the 14th Annual Seiyu Awards.

The event was supposed to happen at the Bunka Housou Media Hall on 7th March. Instead, they will be announcing the winners on a special episode of the Chou! A&G+ web radio program. It will happen on the same date, 7th March, at around 6pm JST.

The outbreak has also cancelled or postponed a few concerts around the country. Oricon has compiled a list of which concerts have been affected:

  • – Perfume – Cancelled
    February 26, 2011: Tokyo Dome
  • – EXILE – Cancelled
    February 26, 2011: Kyocera Dome Osaka
  • – TWICE – postponed
    March 4, 2011: Tokyo Dome (Transferred on April 15)
    March 5: Tokyo Dome (transferred on April 16)
  • Masaharu Fukuyama – cancelled
    March 19: Yokohama Arena
    March 21: Yokohama Arena
    March 22: Yokohama Arena
  • Gen Hoshino – Cancelled
    4th-5th March at Yokohama Arena
    17th-18th March at Osaka Castle Hall
  • Ayumi Hamasaki – cancelled
    29th Feb-1st March in Nagoya
  • Kumi Koda – cancelled
    29th Feb at Aichi
  • SKY-HI – cancelled
    concerts in Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Niigata
  • Da-ICE – cancelled
    9th Feb-1st March at Osaka Castle Hall
  • Kenshi Yonezu – cancelled
    all concerts in Miyagi and Mie Prefecture
  • back number – cancelled
    all concerts in Nagoya and Sapporo
  • MAN WITH A MISSION – Postponed
    all concerts in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hiroshima
  • Naotarou Moriyama – Postponed
    concerts at Ebisu Garden Hall in Feb
  • UVERworld – Cancelled
    all concerts in Zepp Sapporo and Toyosu Pit
  • Shota Shimizu – Postponed
    all concerts in Feb at Zepp Namba
  • Sakanaction – Postponed
    all concerts in Feb and March
  • AKB48 canceled
    February 26: Shibuya Stream Hall
  • AKB48 Team 8 Postponed
    March 1st: Ibaraki / Hitachi Citizen Hall
  • LUNA Sea – postponed
    – concerts in Tochigi and Ishikawa throughout March

The COVID-19 outbreak has certainly affected the anime industry. Thankfully, a few anime such as A Certain Scientific Railgun T and Infinite Dendogram have continued their production after postponing an episode.

Source: oricon