The Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro is the largest Pokemon Center in the world. However, it’s now closing temporarily for a “renewal”. It will re-open on 6th March, with Zacian becoming the new mascot, replacing Mega Charizard Y.

The Revamped “Mega Center” will feature the usual Pokemon shop. However, they’re also adding several new areas, including the Pokemon GO Lab, the Pikachu Sweets cafe, and for all you Pokemon TCG players out there, the Pokemon Card Station.

There will also be a play space for kids, a specialty store, and a fountain square as well.

It will close in March, but only for a few days it seems because of its re-opening on 6th March. But hey, if you’re in Ikebukuro, now’s your chance to say goodbye to Charizard before Zacian replaces it.

Source: 4Gamer