Anime Tamago showcases of young and up and coming animators working in the Japanese animation industry. It used to be called Anime Mirai, and it showcased some works which would later become huge anime franchises. These include Death Billiards (which would later become Death parade) and of course, Little Witch Academia.

And for this year, the event wishes to inspire more people to pursue a career in animation. Several big name animators, as well as a few animators who have participated in Anime Mirai/ Anime Tamago, will be teaching aspiring animators in a series of lectures. These lectures are all free of course!

Bleach and Naruto animation director Minoru Morita will teach the first lecture about drawing action on 16th February. Various producers and animators from previous Anime Tamago events will then be doing the second lecture on 14th March. It will showcase the results of the Anime Tamago Project.

As for the third lecture, it will also happen on 14th March. Anime Producer Kouji Takeuchi (Oji-san no Lamp) will be talking about anime industry terminology during that lecture. For the fourth lecture, it will be happening on 15th March, and its subject will be about character design and the role of chief animation directors. Production I.G.’s Takayuki Goto (Kuroko’s Basketball) and Tezuka Productions’ Kenji Seya (Astro Boy) will be conducting the lecture.

Anime Tamago’s official website is now accepting applicants for these lectures. However, do note that the website and the lectures themselves are in Japanese.

The Japanese government’s Agency of Cultural Affairs launched Anime Mirai in 2010 as part of their “Young Animator Training Project”. It would then change its name to Anime Tamago. It also tackles the concern of anime studios outsourcing some of their animation work overseas.

Source: Anime! Anime!