Re:Zero is finally returning with a much-awaited second season. And now, the staff have revealed that it will premiere sometime in April 2020! They also revealed that Konomi Suzuki will be performing the anime’s OP song, “Realize”. She previously performed the first season OP, “Redo,” as well as the PS4/PS VITA game’s OP, “Yell! ~Kuchibiru Kara wa Hajimaru Mahou”. The new song will act as her 11th single, set for release on 13 May 2020.

Meanwhile, nonoc, who performed the Memory Snow OVA’s ED theme song “White White Snow”, will be performing the new ED theme song. Its title is “Memento,” and it will act as the artiste’s third single, set for release on 13th May 2020 as well.

As for the anime itself, it will serve as a direct sequel to Season 1, and will be picking up where it left off. And yes, better expect even more suffering for poor old Subaru…

Netflix is currently streaming the first season here in Southeast Asia. Here’s how they describe the series:

On his way home from the convenience store, teenager Subaru Natsuki is transported to another world, where he gains the power to reverse time by dying.

source: Re:Zero Official Twitter Page