Tatsunoko’s classic 1969 anime, Hakushon Daimaou, which also aired here in Southeast Asia as “The Sneezing Magician” in the 90’s, is getting a remake. This new anime’s title is Hakushon Daimaou 2020, and Tatsunoko has now released a new PV for the upcoming series:

The staff also announced that Tamio Okuda is performing the anime’s OP heme song “Satesu Hakushon”. Meanwhile, Friends is performing the anime’s ED theme song “Akubi o Sureba.”

This new series will premiere in spring 2020 via YTV.

This new anime celebrates the series’ 50th anniversary, which will be happening this October. The series originally ran from 1969-1970, before getting released in other countries. Cartoon network released the anime here in Southeast Asia back in the 90’s as The Sneezing Magician.

The series follows a family of genies who get summoned after a person does a specific action. For example, a sneeze can summon Hakushon (Hachoo in the Cartoon network version) or a yawn can summon his daughter, Akubi-chan (Yawn in the Cartoon network version).

Source: Comic Natalie