The anime adaptation of Q Hayashida’s Dorohedoro manga is currently airing. It follows a Lizardman taking on sorcerers, thugs, and even zombies. And now, the anime has teamed up with (of all things), Zombie Land Saga! The collaboration features two new visuals featuring Caiman and Tae, as well as Nikaido and… Nikaido (Saki).

The Nikkaido duo’s pairing is a bit obvious, as both are blonde, have ponytails, and are deadly in combat. As for Caiman and Tae, it may boil down to the fact that both of them have no idea about their own pasts.

The collab isn’t really unlikely, as MAPPA is animating both series. It will also be featuring some new character goods as well. In fact, Dorohedoro’s official Twitter Page is running a poll to determine what sort of character goodies will be part of the collaboration.

Expect the Dorohedoro Twitter Page to announce the details on these goodies, as well as the results for their Twitter poll soon enough.

Source: Ota-suke