Bilingual Virtual Youtuber Aimu Sora has launched a new project where he interacts with famous male seiyuu in both Japanese and English! The show premiered last 15th May 2020 with special guest Kazuki Katou, and will be following it up with another fabulous stream with special guest Kensho Ono!

Fans can get to ask questions with both Aimu Sora and Kensho Ono simply by following Aimu Sora’s official Twitter account and following the given instructions. The deadline for questions for the second show is on 28th May 2020.

Aimu Sora was designed by the famous illustrator and manga artist Utako Yukihiro. His aim is to share Japanese culture and otaku subculture with global viewers, as well as introduce overseas cultural trends to Japanese viewers with his bright and engaging personality.

As a bilingual speaker, Sora hopes to engage with many people around the world through Japanese and English lessons, song releases, and more! The sky’s the limit!