Via Oricon: “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” author Hirohiko Araki celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday — 7th June 2020. But his youthful appearance has spurred fans to speculate that similar to the characters in his manga, he has attained immortality due to his “ownership of a Stone Mask” as well as “mastery of Ripple”. This, despite Araki himself stating that he never does anything special with his skincare routine other than “washing his face with plain Tokyo tap water”.

Whatever you say, Sensei! Nevertheless, we wish you all the best on your 60th birthday!

Araki’s long-running “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” spans at least 127 volumes and eight major story arcs. The first arc dubbed “Phantom Blood” is set in 19th-century England, where adopted brother Dio Brando plans to steal the fortune of the rightful heir Jonathan Joestar. Dio’s schemes are foiled so he uses an ancient Aztec Stone Mask, turning into a powerful immortal vampire. “Phantom Blood” also introduces a fictional martial arts technique known as “Ripple,” which focuses battle chi via controlled breathing.