An official live-action theatrical adaptation of Renjuurōou Kindaichi’s “Liar x Liar” has been announced! The “Liar x Liar” film will star Hokuto Matsumura (of SixTONES) and Nana Mori, and is slated for release in 2021.

“Liar x Liar” centres on the complicated relationship between university student Minato Takatsuki and her distant step-brother Tooru Takatsuki. Minato bumps into Tooru while dressed up as a high school girl by her best friend Maki Noguichi, and Minato pretends to be another person named “Mina Noguichi”.

Tooru falls in love with “Mina”, and Minato plays along as revenge for all the hurt Tooru caused her as a young girl. Thing get more and more complicated as the lies pile up and the Minato starts to have genuine feelings for Tooru.