GrooveGarage is letting you live out your childhood fantasy of becoming a “Patlabor” mechanic with the release of their “Shinohara Heavy Industries” line of garage accessories! The new line includes a Patlabor mechanic toolbox, metal coffee cups, tool pouches, and even magnetic stickers that will adhere to metallic surfaces! The collection is now available on GrooveGarage’s Amazon store as well as from novelty shop Village Vanguard.

“Patlabor” is an anime and manga franchise created by Headgear, composed of manga artist Masami Yūki, director Mamoru Oshii, screenwriter Kazunori Itō, mecha designer Yutaka Izubuchi, and character designer Akemi Takada. The original TV series was broadcast in 2002, and spawned a TV series, a manga retelling, two OVAs, three films, two light novel series, and a short film compilation.

“Patlabor” follows the adventures of Division 2 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Vehicle Section 2, set in an alternate future where manned robots called “Labors” are used in various industries such as construction, logistics, and the police force.