Via Mantan Web: popular vocal unit “ClariS” held the first online concert “ClariS 10th Anniversary Precious LIVE ~ Gift ~”. Since their debut ten years ago, ClariS has been using illustrations for their main visuals and often wear masks for live performances. But for their 20th October performance, Clara and Karen removed their masks and were photographed with their faces showing!

Similarly, as part of ClariS’ 10th anniversary, two best albums “ClariS 10th Anniversary BEST –Pink Moon-” and “ClariS 10th Anniversary BEST –Green Star-” will be released on 31st October 2020. The two albums will feature removable covers that will allow fans to see the girls’ true faces beneath the masks.

Finally, it was also announced that ClariS’s first Christmas live will be broadcast on 24th December — stay tuned for more details.