Via Oricon News: popular voice actor Yuichi Nakamura, who is known for his roles of as Karamatsu Matsuno in “Osomatsu-san”, Bruno Bucciarati in “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind”, Ato Saotome in “Macross F”, Akira Mikhail Ignatov in “PSYCHO-PASS 3”, and Graham Aker in “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”, left his agency Sigma Seven on 1st October 2020.

He is now affiliated with Intention, owned by fellow voice actor Kenichi Suzumura, which also manages Takahiro Sakurai.

An unofficial translation of his announcement reads:

“I am leaving Sigma Seven today, which I have been indebted to for a long time, and will become under the care of Intention. Thank you for your continued support. I hope that it will become a place where I can voice out various thoughts.”