Umi Sakurai‘s Twitter comic “Ojisama to Neko“, which has been released as a series of comic books by Square Enix, has enjoyed explosive popularity not just in Japan but also overseas! And now, Kanda-sensei and Fukumaru — the eponymous “Ojisama” and “Neko”, will hit the small screen as a TV drama adaptation has been officially announced!

“Ojisama to Neko” stars award-winning veteran actor Masao Kusakari as Kanda-sensei, a widower who adopts a cat that has been passed over several times at the local pet store, which he then names Fukumaru. The show will air as part of TV Tokyo’s “Drama Paravi” block from 24:58 JST on 6th January 2021. It will also get exclusive sneak peeks on the video distribution service Paravi from 21:00 JST on 1st January 2021.