LiSA’s first online concert “ONLiNE LEO-NiNE” is slated for 12th December 2020 on the new platform stagecrowd! Opening at 19:00 JST / 18:00 SGT and starting at 20:00 JST / 19:00 SGT, the concert will highlight songs from her 5th FULL ALBUM “LEO-NiNE” just released last 14th October 2020! Tickets are priced at JPY 3,800 (tax in) via

To enhance the online live experience, fans can also purchase the official “ONLiNE LEO-NiNE” t-shirt via the AFASTATION.COM shop! Each shirt retails for $39.00 incl. GST, and can be shipped all over the world!

“I am very happy to be able to send a love letter in the form of the album “LEO-NiNE” and the single “HOMURA”… I would be happy if everyone receives it,” LiSA said in her official message to fans about the upcoming concert. “On 12th December, let’s meet online and have fun around the world!”

About LiSA

LiSA was born in Gifu prefecture on 24th June. She first rose to fame in 2010 with the band “Girls Dead Monster” from the TV anime “Angel Beats!”, where she was the singing voice of the character Yui. She made her solo debut in the spring of 2011 with the mini-album “Letters to U”.

After that, she was in charge of the theme songs of many popular works such as TV anime “Fate / Zero”, “Sword Art Online”, “The Irregular at Magic High School”, and more —- making her popular not only in Japan but all over the world.

Her single “Gurenge”, released in April 2019, swept Japanese music charts and became certified “Double Platinum” by January 2020. Her latest single “HOMURA” is set to duplicate this success. She will be also appearing at the “70th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen”, making it her second appearance on the long-running Japanese year-end music show.

About stagecrowd

Stagecrowd is a music streaming platform by Sony Music Solutions that was recently launched. So from now on, expect to see many of your favourite artistes appearing to stream and this will hopefully attend to your need to see your favourite artistes live, despite not being able to travel currently.

12th December 2020 (Saturday)
Site opens 19:00 JST / 18:00 SGT
Concert starts 20:00 / 19:00 SGT
Tickets via
T-shirts via AFASTATION.COM shop