Asahi Shuzo — which manufactures the sake brand “Dassai”, will be reproducing Misato Katsuragi’s flat at the “Dassai Store Ginza” in Tokyo, exactly as it appears in the “Evangelion” series. For the unfamiliar, “Dassai” is the sake brand Misato prefers to drink — as evidenced by the number of bottles lined up in her flat.

Not only will “Dassai” be on prominent display, Asahi Shuzo has also secured the cooperation of Sapporo Breweries and UCC Ueshima Coffee, to display the similarly iconic “Yebisu Beer” and “UCC Milk Coffee” products shown in the series. The two companies have graciously provided reproductions of their labels used in the original anime cells — which have been updated since the show aired.

The exhibition will run at the Dassai Store Ginza from 7th June to 31st July 2021. To control the number of fans visiting the exhibition, numbered tickets will be distributed at 10:30 AM, 30 minutes before the store opens each day. The distribution of the numbered tickets will end as soon as they are fully redeemed.