Koyoharu Gotouge’s hit manga series “Kimetsu no Yaiba” will be holding an Orchestral Concert at the Pacifico Yokohama National Hall in Kanagawa Prefecture on 5th September 2021, and the event will also be streamed live to cinemas all over Japan.

This is the second “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Orchestral Concert slated, after the success of the first one held last November 2020. This time, symphonic versions of the songs from “Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train” will be played by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tickets to the event are all sold out, while tickets to the live viewing are extremely limited –which will be sold to fans via lottery from 12th August, followed by a general sale available to members of the public on 28th August 2021.