Comic Natalie has shared a special report on the “Hideaki Anno Exhibition” ahead of its October opening. The limited time-period “Hideaki Anno Exhibition“, which explores the secrets of Hideaki Anno’s creative activities, will be held from 1st October to 19th December 2021 at the National Art Center in Tokyo. The “Hideaki Anno Exhibition” covers past works that Anno participated in when he was an animator, all the way to his latest work as a director and producer.

The director himself as well as the lead actors of the upcoming film “Shin Kamen Rider” were present at the press conference. Various production materials such as a huge amount of handwritten memos and illustrations, screenplays, settings, image sketches, storyboards, layouts, etc. will be exhibited — including valuable original drawings and miniatures of his anime and special effects works.

The exhibition consists of “Chapter 1 Origin or Curse”, “Chapter 2 Enthusiasm or Selfishness”, “Chapter 3 Challenge or Escape”, “Chapter 4 Succession and Rebirth”, and “Chapter 5 Gratitude and Reward”. In “Chapter 1 Origin or Curse,” Anno exhibited materials such as three-dimensional sculptures and original drawings of anime, special effects, and manga works that Anno devoted himself to from his childhood to his college years.

In “Chapter 2 Enthusiasm or Selfishness”, Anno’s works from his amateur years such as “Super Dimension Fortress Macross”, “Royal Space Force Oneamis Wings”, “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”, “Aim for the Top”, and his seminal work “Neon Genesis Evangelion” is featured. In “Chapter 3 Challenge or Escape”, the exhibition focuses on Anno’s works in live-action and tokusatsu such as “Love & Pop” and ” Shin Godzilla “, as well as the recently-concluded “Rebuild of Evangelion” tetralogy.

In “Chapter 4 Succession and Rebirth”, materials from the upcoming movies “Shin Kamen Rider” and “Shin Ultraman ” – where highlights include massive Godzilla, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman sculptures. Finally, in “Chapter 5 Gratitude and Reward”, Anno introduces the “Anime Tokusatsu Archive Organization” – where he plans will pass on the anime and special effects culture to the next generation.