As part of the 10th-anniversary project of the TV anime “TIGER & BUNNY”, 4DX screenings of the two movies “Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning-” and “TIGER & BUNNY -The Rising-” have been planned for cinemas all over Japan. “Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning-” 4DX will be released from 21st January 2022, and “Tiger & Bunny -The Rising-” 4DX will be released from 4th February 2022.

“Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning-” was released in 2012, and is a recap of the TV anime’s first season featuring additional footage. “Tiger & Bunny -The Rising-” was released in 2014, and is a new movie that further explores the world of “TIGER & BUNNY”.

The sequel “TIGER & BUNNY 2” is also scheduled to be released in 2022.