The live-action TV drama adaptation of Yuu Toyota’s “CHERRY Maho! 30-sai made Doutei da to Mahoutsukai ni nareru rashii” will be getting a feature film sequel to be released in Japan on 8th April 2022! Eiji Akaso and Keita Machida will be reprising their roles from the 2020 TV drama as Kiyoshi Adachi and Yuichi Kurosawa, respectively.

“CHERRY Maho!” follows the story of Kiyoshi Adachi, a 30-year old virgin who unexpectedly gains a power possibly related to his chaste situation — not the ability to see unicorns, but the power to read minds just by touching people. That’s how he discovers that his good-looking and popular co-worker Yuichi Kurosawa is in love with him. It leads to a lot of awkwardness, but also a lot of realisation — as Adachi slowly comes to return Kurosawa’s romantic feelings himself.