Via Comic Natalie: Takahiro and Youhei Takemura’s “Mato Seihei no SLAVE” will be adapted into a TV anime! Yuya Hirose will play the role of Yuki Wakura, and Akari Kito will play the role of Kyoka Uzen, with animation work to be produced by Seven Arcs.

“Mato Seihei no SLAVE” is set in an alternate world where a demon-filled dimension known as “Mato” has opened up to threaten humanity. A special peach tree that only grows in Mato yields fruit gives special powers to those who eat it, but this only works for women. As protectors of humanity, women rise in social status while men are relegated to second-class citizens.

Yuuki Wakura is a lowly bow who was rescued from demons by Captain Kyouka Uzen of the Anti-Demon Corps. She uses her powers to turn him into a “slave”, which in turn changes him into a mighty beast mount that mows down the demons. It is an effective weapon with an unusual side effect that takes both Kyouka and Yuuki by surprise.