Shuichi Shigeno’s “MF Ghost” — the sequel to his smash hit street racing manga “Initial D”, will be adapted into a TV anime in 2023! “MF Ghost” is currently serialized in Young Magazine, with up to 12 volumes published — the latest volume #13 is slated for release on 6th January 2022.

“MF Ghost” follows the exploits of 19-year-old driving genius Kanata Livington, who moved back to Japan after living most of his life in the UK, in the near future where most vehicles no longer run on fossil fuels and are self-driven by on-board AI. A new form of racing dubbed “MFG” is quickly gaining traction, and Kanata tries to prove his worth as the top graduate of one of the UK’s most prominent racing programmes.

Complicating Kanata’s life is Ren Saionji, one the league’s attractive race queens — dubbed the “MGF Angels”. Her job as an MFG race queen is a secret from her friends and family. Returning home from a race one evening, she is shocked to find out that Kanata will be living with her family, as well as confused as she falls completely head over heels for him.